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Welcome to Sage Training

Sage Training is all about spreading the love, the lifestyle and spirit of sport. 


Whether you are a newbie, weekend warrior, or experienced athlete looking to take your performance to the next level, Sage Training offers consultations and coaching to help you find a new level of awesome.


Services include skills assessment, private swim coaching, consultations, custom training plans, custom workouts, and progress follow-ups.

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About Sage Training
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Sage Maaranen coaches triathlon, running, cycling and swim for youth, high school and adults. As a triathlete, equestrian and all around athletic enthusiast, Sage enjoys watching others come into their own through sports.

Sage is about more than just training and racing; she's about the lifestyle of endurance sports. What she most loves about endurance sports is the drive and confidence they’ve given her, and she loves sharing this with others. "When people realize that they have the power in them to do something hard and to do it well, it's a game-changer," she says. She takes great pride in aiding “newbies”, weekend warriors and youth in their discovery of the joy, focus, and self-confidence that comes with endurance sports. An athlete herself, Sage hopes to invite camaraderie on this shared adventure and advocate for populations traditionally excluded from triathlon- namely women, minority youth, and LGBT athletes.


Coaching isn't just for the elites; it's also a valuable tool for newcomers, those hoping to up their game, and time-crunched athletes who want to maximize their training time while balancing family and work. Sage is also the head coach of the Westminster College Cycling team, the 2022 3A Women's Swim Coach of the Year, and head coach of the 2021 & 2022 Championship-winning Judge Memorial High School Swim Team. She combines this experience with her coaching certifications in USA Triathlon, USA Cycling and US Masters Swimming to her coaching approach. (USAT L2, USMS L2, USAC L2 and Certified Skills Instructor. )


Y además, ¡también ofrecemos todos los servicios en Español!

Coached athletes receive 60% off Xterra wetsuits. Contact Sage for details.

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