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Sage Training offers one-on-one swim coaching for triathletes. Whether you're new to the water, just getting back in or are a seasoned veteran, Sage Training can help you set goals and guide you through both training and stroke improvement. 


Sage has experience coaching developmental to elite athletes. In 2022 she was named as a Coach of the Year for high school swimming in Utah. In 2023 she developed the swim programing for the NCAA triathlon squad at Queens University, seeing them excel like never before in the water and finish second at the National Championships.

One of the most exciting (and occasionally aggravating) thing about swimming is that there's always more to learn and ways to improve. Sign up for a session today!

Sessions Include:
  • Entry to facility

  • Establishment of training and session goals

  • Stroke analysis

  • Video

  • Custom drills & workout

  • Recommended homework

  • Written summary of session










Swim Coaching for Technique & Fitness
Open-Water Coaching


Package Includes:



  • One-on-one coaching through the how-to's of open water swimming and racing

  • Open-water drills

  • Guided workout at a Lake Norman







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