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Say No Baywatch Tangles

Pro Tip: When you lose your hair tie while running, use your Road iD.

Female athletes face many challenges that our male counterparts do not. There are the big things: unequal payout, fewer sponsorship opportunities, sexual harassment out on the road, and much more. And then there are the little things, the small nuisances, such as the fiasco of losing a hair tie half way into a run.

On such occasions I find myself torn by a civil war raging in my mind. To run, or to bail? If I run, will my locks flow gracefully behind me, perhaps with the bounce of a Baywatch lifeguard? Or will I later find with a hair brush deeply embedded into a sweaty mat of tangles as I tearfully contemplate shaving the whole head of hair?

I may not have the answers to our greater problems, but I HAVE found a solution to this common runners' hair debacle.

Pro Tip: When you hair tie is lost, hiding among the sidewalk cracks, put your Road iD work.

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